Thank You Estuary Rollers.

The Friends of St Ita’s Community Hospital would like to take this opportunity to say a Huge thank you to Estuary Rollers for the outstanding performance which they displayed on last Sunday Evening.Huge credit is due to the hard working committee who put an enormous amount of work into the event.Thanks also to all theContinue reading “Thank You Estuary Rollers.”

Friends of St. Ita’s June Sponsored Walk

Friends of St. Ita’s June Sponsored Walk (Virtual) raises a massive €28,320.00Friends of St. Ita’s are totally overwhelmed by the enormity of this outcome said Chairman Fergus Scanlan, who noted, this far, far exceeds our greatest expectations when we decided to run this fundraiser last May. Needless to say we are overjoyed with the result,Continue reading “Friends of St. Ita’s June Sponsored Walk”

Update on Sponsored Walk/Run (Virtual)

Final Push for their Sponsored Walk(Virtual) Fundraiser:  –  The Friends of St. Ita’s would greatly appreciate your support in the final couple of weeks of this fundraiser which is due to be wound up by July 31st (end of the month). So far the event has been a huge success with over €13,000 raised to-date andContinue reading “Update on Sponsored Walk/Run (Virtual)”

Friends Extension to 5Km Walk

The Friends of St. Ita’s are extending the date to complete the 5Km Sponsored Walk/Run (Virtual) to 30th June – to be done on any date, time and place of your own choosing. This is in response to the huge interest being shown in this Fundraiser with more and more people wishing to get involvedContinue reading “Friends Extension to 5Km Walk”