The Friends appeal for your support once again

Friends of St. Ita’s Chairman Fergus Scanlan, wishes to announce we are running a 5Km Sponsored Walk/Run(Virtual) over week 7th/13th June 2021 with a team of over 60 taking part(and increasing). This is a ‘virtual’ event with participants having the option of completing the 5Km any time, any day, any place and in a manner of their own choosing. All of whom have been issued with sponsorship cards and authorised to collect sponsorship under the authority of a Garda Permit granted covering collection up to 31st July ’21. Accordingly, The Friends would like, once again, to ask for your generous support for our wonderful team of supporters (including members of our own committee) who are very kindly giving of their time, energy and commitment in a bid to ensure the success of this fundraiser. Indeed, we have every confidence judging from past experience and knowing the enormous generosity of this great community that success will be achieved once again and in-keeping with the phenomenal success which we have come to enjoy over last 18 years. Success that has seen us raise almost €4 Million which has helped fund many of the major projects, improvements and services here in St. Ita’s .over those years – all of which have been well documented and reported on at the time .Indeed, some of which were summarised in our press release to the Weekly Observer on 21st April last announcing our purchase of very high-tech. Rehab equipment costing €63.5K for St. Ita’s Rehab Unit. This together with other expenditure mentioned amounted to almost €200,000 over the last two years. But money well spent and serving to bring a very positive and life changing impact in the quality of services/treatment, care and wellbeing of our  much loved residents and patients and in turn making life that bit easier for our very hard pressed, hardworking and very dedicated staff – staff who deserve our every support and more ! While we are very conscious of the awful effects which Covid-19 is having on all of us the Friends, very reluctantly, turn to our loyal supporters and ask you to come to our aid once again with whatever support you can to help us keep up out good work and so maintain the momentum which we have so very successfully managed to achieve and hold on to over these last 18 years. As the Friends we are extremely proud of all that we have achieved in that time knowing it has helped to make a difference to the quality of the lives of the residents and patients in St. Ita’s as already mentioned. And, indeed, to reiterate our success in doing this is entirely down to the support and generosity of all sections of this great community for which we are extremely grateful. Also, it is equally important to point out, that it is the residents and patients from the community of West Limerick who find themselves in the care of St. Ita’s are the people benefiting from your support and generosity and so making your support all the more meaningful ! !In conclusion on behalf of the Friends of St. Ita’s I would like to say a very grateful ‘thank you’ to all members of the team taking part and for giving of your time and commitment for this wordy cause. Also a big, big ‘thank you’ to our wonderful supporters in anticipation of your generosity once again. As ever we send love and very best wishes to all the residents, patients and also to management and staff who continue to do Trojan work in keeping St. Ita’s Covid free and in general for providing a brilliant service for which we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude ! As always our ever-grateful thanks to the wonderful staff at the Weekly Observer for your ongoing and unfailing support. Finally note you can follows us on our newly launched Website & Facebook Page at Once again many thanks and please do help us to continue our good work which we are so happy to do for this great hospital ! May the good Lord bless and reward one and all.”

 Fergus 2.6.21 087-7538133

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