Friends of St Ita’s Receive double boost.

Friends of St. Ita’s received a double boost this week to their Fundraising Campaign !The Friends would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the Markham Family, Rathkeale who this week presented them with a very, very generous cheque for €4,300.00 being the proceeds of IOKm Sponsored Run which the family organised as a fundraiser for the Friends as a token of appreciation for the great care being given to their Mam, Mai Markham who is a long-stay resident in St. Ita’s (Camellia Unit). And so the, Friends and Management and Staff are extremely grateful to the Markham family for this very generous gesture and to all who supported them in achieving such a brilliant result, particularly, in the current Covid climate which has made fundraising extremely difficult. Indeed, we also thank them for taking the time to do the run during the summer when the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted temporarily – another indication of this family’s very caring concern !

The second very ‘good news story’ of the week for the Friends, came courtesy of Theresa Doyle McMahon who launched her 2 nd CD “Le Cheile” as a fundraiser for the Friends and the Butterfly Club, Rathkeale. Theresa’s 1 st CD “A touch of Class” was released in 2017, again as a fundraiser for both Charities, and it was an enormous success as, indeed, was an earlier concert “May Time Melodies” which Theresa organised for the Friends in 2010 and raised €5,500.00 for us on that occasion, And so it can be seen this very kind lady has a long history of putting her considerable talents, including her beautiful singing voice, towards helping, in a very meaningful way, the many causes, with which she has been involved down through the years – and the Friends of St. Ita’s have been chief among them! And so the friends and St. Ita’s owe Theresa a great debt of gratitude as ,indeed, we owe to so very many more wonderful people like her, and the Markhams whose altruism and generosity have been the lifeblood of our unparalleled success to date !. While we are extremely conscious of the financial, as well as every other type of pressure which everyone is under at this time, we will be most grateful for your support once again. As you know, and as we have said so many times before, our focus and concern, is and always has been, the wellbeing, care and comfort of the residents and patients. In this regard during the month of November alone, we spent over €13,000 on refurbishing St. Ita’s Chapel where our residents and patients love to worship. And that’s just one small example of the role being played by the Friends in the many projects and improvements in which we have been involved over the last 18 years requiring funding on our part to the tune of €3.3 Million. Once again, I hasten to add, all of great community – I would further hasten to add, as the Friends of St. Ita’s, we are only the conduit through which all this support and generosity is channeled and our success rests entirely on you, the kind-hearted people of West Limerick and beyond !

Once again many thanks to the Markham family and to wish them and very especially Mai good health and very best wishes from the Friends, Management and Staff and in particular, from the Staff in Camellia Unit.

Also very many thanks once again to our great supporter, Theresa Doyle McMahon for this further very generous gesture with a special word of thanks to the many kind artists who contributed to the compilation of this beautiful CD. Also our many thanks to Fitzsimons Printers who kindly provided their services free of charge. Also many thanks to Tony Hayes, Hayes’ Shop, the Square where the CDs will be on sale as well as St. Ita’s Hospital for the Friends of St. Ita’s. And our thanks also to Rathkeale Post Office and Sullivans’ Pharmacy , Rathkeale where the CDs will be on sale for the Butterfly Club. Also very many thanks to all others involved in its production. Finally our very grateful thanks to all our wonderful supporters for your great support in the past and in anticipation of your very kind support once again on this occasion. As ever very best wishes to all the residents and patients and Management and Staff in St. Ita’s as we ,once again, send you richly deserved compliments. And as always our most grateful thanks to all the Staff in the Observer for all your wonderful support with a very special word of thanks to Eddie Guiry, Observer Photographer, who is always so obliging and accommodating. May the good Lord bless and reward one and all !

Fergus Scanlan ,

Chairman 22.11.2020

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